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We build dual processor computers for you for half the price of retail, saving you 50% to 60%. SNP Computers build each computer by hand. We use all new components. We test and retest everything before it leaves our shop.

Larger quanties must be emailed to us with quantity, computer type, your email and phone number. To


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  • Single Celeron™ PPGA/FC-PGA 266-766Mhz series processors
  • Single or DUAL FC-PGA Pentium®III 500-1130Mhz series processors
  • Single Cyrix MIII
  • Maxium 2.2GHz processing speed








Intel Pentium III 1 GHZ



  • The reliable desktop and laptop operating system for businesses of all sizes Built on NT Technology, Windows 2000 Professional offers rock-solid reliability and improved manageability that simplify desktop management. And its integrated Web capabilities and broad support for mobile computers and hardware devices make it easy for business users to connect to the Internet and work anywhere, anytime.
  • Windows 2000 Professional is built upon the rock-solid reliability of Windows NT technology, which makes it significantly more reliable than either Windows 95 or Windows 98 technology. Reliability improvements in Windows 2000 Professional make it even more stable than Windows NT Workstation. Windows 2000 Professional offers high system uptime, dynamic system configuration and resilience to application failures.
  • The support for standards-based security in Windows 2000 Professional protects corporate data in stand-alone and networked environments. Windows 2000 Professional offers a set of built-in tools that make it easier to deploy and manage. In addition, Windows 2000 Professional offers an intelligent user interface that adapts to the way users work thereby making the users more efficient.
  • Windows 2000 Professional extends the capability of notebooks through support for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI), Smart Battery and Advanced Virtual Private Network (VPN). It enables users to Work Anywhere, Anytime through support for offline folders and files. The improved hardware support in Windows 2000 Professional includes support for the latest hardware standards, including Universal Serial Bus (USB), Infrared Data Association (IrDA), and IEEE 1394.
  • Windows 2000 Professional is designed to make it easier for organizations to embrace the Internet. The built-in Internet Explorer (IE), a tightly integrated browser, provides users with a faster and richer Internet experience. With support for Dynamic HTML (DHTML) and Extensible Markup Language (XML), it offers a powerful platform for developers to create highly scalable end-to-end e-commerce and line-of-business web applications.

80GB Maxtor Hard Drive


  • Maxtor DiamondMax 80.9 Gb Ultra Dma 100 . ATA 100.
  • 2MB Sdram Cache buffer for data transfer up to 100mb per sec and a sub-9.0 average seek time.

VooDoo5 5500 Video Card

  • The Voodoo5™ 5500 PCI from 3dfx is the next stage in the evolution of ultra-high resolution gaming. Utilizing a revolutionary
    scalable architecture, the Voodoo5 5500 PCI features dual 3dfx VSA-100 chips for more 3D horsepower. Working in parallel,
    these processors produce over 667 Megatexels per second to create extraordinary 3D worlds in vivid 32-bit color. Boasting
    state-of-the-art Real-Time Full-Scene HW Anti-Aliasing, the exclusive T-Buffer™ Digital Cinematic Effects engine, 64MB of
    graphics memory for top performance and support for 2D resolutions as high as 2048x1536, the Voodoo5 5500 PCI gives
    today's PC gamers the raw 3D power and premium 2D performance they crave.
  • General Features
  • Full-Scene HW Anti-Aliasing
    T-Buffer Effects
    FXT1™ and DXTC Texture Compression
    128-bit 2D, 3D and video processor
    64MB graphics memory
    350MHz RAMDAC
    667-733 Megatexels per second peak fill rate
    8-bit Palletized Textures
    32-bit Rendering
    32-bit Textures
    2k x 2k Textures

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Platium Live 5.1


  • Dolby Digital 5.1 and Analog Surround Sound Experience full 5.1 surround sound in either digital or analog output! Sound Blaster Live! Platinum 5.1 provides surround sound on your PC with built in support for two-, four-, or six- speaker configurations.
  • You'll get superior Dolby Digital 5.1 sound quality by connecting a Cambridge SoundWorks DeskTop Theater DTT3500 Digital speaker solution to the digital-out connector on Sound Blaster Live! Platinum 5.1. Or connect the Sound Blaster Live! Platinum 5.1 to analog devices such as the Cambridge SoundWorks DeskTop Theater™ DTT2200 speaker solution or any Dolby Digital-ready home stereo system to experience crystal-clear audio. Live!Drive IR with Wireless Remote The innovative Live!
  • Drive IR allows you to simultaneously connect both digital and analog devices such as MIDI instruments, MiniDisc, external digital audio devices, and headphones - all from the front of your PC instead of the back. The Sound Blaster Live! Platinum 5.1 also comes with an easy to use wireless remote control for simple navigation of audio playback and entertainment. This hardware and software solution allows you to convert your PC into an entertainment system ideal for a home theater environment. Quality Digital Signal Processor The revolutionary EMU10K1 Digital Signal Processor gives you all the power you need to create crystal-clear audio files. Because processing and playback remains entirely digital, your files maintain the highest level of audio quality with settings optimized for headphones, two, four, or 5.1 speakers and home stereo systems.
  • The Sound Blaster Live! Platinum 5.1 provides hardware acceleration for EAX™, Microsoft® DirectSound® 3D, and DirectSound® gaming and it produces up to 32 3D hardware-accelerated channels, up to 64 hardware-accelerated channels, or up to 1024 voices. With support for real time digital effects like reverb, chorus, echo, flanger, pitch shifting, vocal morpher, ring modulator, auto-wah or distortion, the power provides an overwhelming audio experience. EAX™ EAX is a collection of powerful, innovative audio technologies. Developed by Creative's world class audio scientists and built into groundbreaking Personal Digital Entertainment (PDE) Solutions, EAX is changing the way audio is experienced. EAX adds interactive, high-definition audio to the Sound Blaster Live! Platinum 5.1 with 3D audio technology and 5.1 analog and digital sound, to enjoy a premium audio experience in music, movies, and games. Customize your favorite MP3 songs with "Concert hall", "Jazz club" or other environment effects to add an extra dimension to your Internet Audio files. And in Creative Multi-Speaker Surround (CMSS) mode, you can upmix stereo sources into 5.1 output.
  • Complete Internet Entertainment Solution The Sound Blaster Live! Platinum 5.1 is the ultimate audio entertainment solution for Digital Music and Internet Entertainment. Creative PlayCenter 2™ provides a full 320 kbps encoder with up to 9x digital audio acceleration to allow you to create high quality, compact digital audio files. It allows you to rip and organize your entire music CD collection into either MP3 or WMA formats, transforming your PC into a massive digital music jukebox. Also included is Creative MediaRing Talk™ which allows you to make free PC-to-PC calls and PixMaker (Creative Edition), allows you can create 360 degree interactive webpages in 3 simple steps - Snap, Stitch and Publish!™ Live!Ware™ Sound Blaster Live!
  • Platinum 5.1 is fully supported by the Live!Ware upgrade program. This program is your direct vehicle to future product features and enhancements. Simply visit, download the latest Live!Ware software upgrade and re-programmable EMU10K1 processor to continuously enhance your audio experiences.


CDRW 12X10X32

  • 5 1/4", half height, E-IDE interface, MMC2 compliant
  • Buffer under run proof
  • Small CPU bandwidth consumption
  • Vibration absorber system (VAS)design
  • Flash ROM supports on line programming capability
  • BURN-Proof technology protect from Buffer Under Run Error. This allows the user to do other work on their PC while recording data and prevents the creation of a useless disc.


  • REAL V.90 DRIVERS!!! NO download/upgrade needed Complete 56K Modem.
  • Uses most recent Lucent DSP Chipset #1646T00.
  • Full 56K with K56flex Compatibility PCI Interface modem
  • Voice from handset DSP modem Comes with original Lucent drivers
  • Comes with BitWare or Trio application software on CD Lucent Chipset #1646T00 V.90 technology
  • Win 95/98 Plug-n-Play Free Bitware for Windows Included Windows 95/98/2000 and NT compatible

1.44 mb floppy



OPTICAL MOUSE CONFIGURED (mouse not included)

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