Worlds Fastest (2.0GHz) Brand New Dual Processor Personal and Server Computers. You can't get ANY FASTER then this one.

Larger quanties must be emailed to us with quantity, computer type, your email and phone number. To

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  Super Mega Fast Computer (Total 2GHz) (Total 1536MB 1.5GIG SDRAM) (mouse not included)
Super Mega Fast for 2950.00

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  Mega Fast Computer (Total 1024MB 1GIG SDRAM) (Total 80GB Hard Drive)  (mouse not included)

Mega Fast for 2750.00

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  Fast Computer (Total 1GHz) (Total 512MB SDRAM) (Total 40GB Hard Drive)  (mouse not included)

Fast for 2450.00

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Medium Fast Computer 500MHz) 256MB SDRAM) 20GB Hard Drive)  (mouse not included)

Medium Fast for 1850.00

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  Bare Bones

Bare Bones for 350.00

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  ayment Terms

Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor not included.

Cash payment methods. 


Shipping, Handling and Processing

$50 to the Continental US by UPS Ground  $70 to Hawaii and Alaska by UPS Ground $100 Europe and Asia by UPS Ground

Buyer understands and agrees that SNP Computers is not responsible for shipping delays or loss or damage of products enroute, which are beyond the control of SNP Computers; Normally, it takes 7 business days to complete the system as ordered. If there is a delay, we will notify the buyer.
All Systems are normally shipped on the 8th business day after the payment is received. Unexpected product shortages resulting in delays, strikes, or other acts of Majeure which may delay delivery. Most orders are completed at date of payment is received. If there is any delays we will email you with approximate shipping date.



Idaho Resident Please add 5% to the total for sales tax.

Idaho State Resellers will have the sales taxed waived on presentation of proper paperwork. Residents of all other states do not have to pay any Tax at this time.




All component to build the computer systems carry from 1 to 3 years manufactures warranty and must be thru the manufacture at time of repair only. The processors are not cover under this warranty. All buyers should verify warranties for themselves to be completely satisfied at time of purchase. We use only new componenets that have been completely tested and retested. All computers leave out shop completely tested and verified that all components work and that there are no configuration issues.

SNP Computers unfortunately cannot offer warranty service for claims based on software,  operating system configuration, driver installation, components and configuration issues.

Buyer agrees to all terms and conditions of sale herein, including shipping/packing/processing.


All information represented in this advertisement regarding product specifications is supplied to SNP Computers by the manufacturer. All information is believed to be accurate and is presented in good faith to the bidder/buyer. Buyer accepts responsibility for verifying, before purchase, that the anticipated system of installation meets minimum specifications required by this product, and is free of potentially conflicting hardware.

*Prices subject to change, we will email you with any price changes before order is confirmed.

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